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Self Assessment Tax Return Service. Get It Done In Time To Allow For Tax Planning & Help Us Save You Money.

The following government website gives you an introduction and links to self-assessment videos. Here is the Link. Keeping records of your income and expenses is always a good place to start with self-assessment.

Tax return

If you are a company director, self-employed or earn income in addition to having a job you will have to complete a self-assessment tax return. This can be daunting and complex depending on the type and variety of income you earn. Knowing what you can claim as an expense. How much dividends to take and where to show them on your return. Working out your capital gains on property sales. This can all be very stressful and time consuming, leading to mistakes and late filing penalties.

Our tax return accountant service

Let our team of tax return accountants take away the stress for you. Our tax experts will make sure that you claim all your allowances to pay the least amount of tax possible. We make sure your tax return is delivered on time so you don’t pay any penalties. We save you time and money so you can spend time on what you do best in your business.

All you need to do is send us the completed checklist and supporting paperwork and we do the rest for you. We can even deal with HMRC on your behalf which means that you don’t have to worry about things.

Sharing your tax information as quickly as possible will allow us to give you tax planning advice.  But if you have left things to the last Minute we definitely can help you.

Contact us to see how are our tax return accountant service can make your life stress free and easy. Our self-assessment tax return accountant service starts from just £125 + VAT. Contact us for a tax return accountant

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  1. Kristina Harries

    Hi, I am buying a property through my company,this is a new company that I have set up. I am getying a morgage, what are the tax implications of the company paying the loan back? Interest is tax deductible but do i have to pay tax on making payments to the bank? I am also working full time at the moment.

  2. neil smith

    Im self employed in first tax year and have stoped working for the company i worked for and i am now looking for a normal job im just wondering can i claim back my tax i have paid in before the end of the tax yearthanks

    1. Aadil Butt

      Hi Neil

      It depends on how much you have made in profits. You may be able to claim some tax back, but it really does depend on your profits and how much your gross salary was from employment. I am sorry not to be more specific for you.

      Finance Equation Ltd Team
      020 3086 7472

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